Do you have a marketing problem?

If you’ve mastered your message, but don’t know how to properly promote it, then your problem is likely a marketing one.

Maybe you’re not skilled at writing copy or designing graphics that capture attention and call to action… or maybe you have the right-brained stuff down, but struggle with the more left-brained things like collecting and analysing data, and using those insights to inform your strategies and tactics.

Or maybe it doesn’t look like that at all - maybe you know what you’re doing, but don’t have the time or energy to implement. Perhaps you’re just spread too thin across tasks, that you’d rather delegate these duties to an agency who can take care of everything for you. This counts as a marketing problem as well.


Let us help you solve it...

Here’s a selection of the done-for-you services we at Woo 
can take care of to save you time and energy.

If you’re not good at or don’t love writing copy, then you should outsource to
someone who has a way with words. Think pages, emails, newsletters, captions…
every piece of writing should be carefully crafted with marketing in mind.

Graphic Design
Designing can be time consuming if it’s not your zone of genius, no matter how easy
platforms like Canva appear to make it. Why not quit wasting time and hire someone
with a natural flair in this area who’ll design from scratch to keep it distinctive?

Before you can brief a graphic designer, you need to make sure your visual branding
is spot on. It’s more than just logos and colour palettes… do you have brand guidelines
to follow for best practice? How does your branding funnel through individual offers?

List Building
It’s no use having an amazing product/service if you’ve no one to sell it to, and growing your email list is the best way to build a bank of warm leads. If this is your
goal, hire an expert to handle your funnels and turn those browsers into buyers.

Audience Growth
Attracting an audience to build your know, like and trust factor is an essential part of
selling online, so unless you’re an already expert at acquisition, you should totally
hire someone to own this area and bring business in.

Page Design and Development
With plug and play platforms like ClickFunnels and ShowIt, designing and developing web pages has never been more accessible, but that doesn’t mean it’s quick or easy - or that you should be doing it. Hire someone who really knows what they’re doing.

Email Marketing/
It’s one of the most effective ways to drive sales, so it’s important you’re using it to its
full advantage. Whether it’s for the launch of a new product, or to advertise existing
offers, hand your automations over to an expert for best results.

Social Media Marketing/Management
Not everything you post on social has to come direct from you. Consistency is key, so
if posting daily requires a helping hand… hire away. A social media marketing expert
can also make sure your posts are strategic, tactical and data-driven. Win win.

Podcast Marketing/
There’s so much involved pre-podcast release date, from outreach, liaising with PR
teams, designing assets, writing show notes, production and more. If you’re hosting a
podcast - the planning and recording of the episodes is all you should be doing.

Content Creation 
and Repurposing
Are you squeezing the juice out of each and every concept you come up with?
People need to see something 7 times before it sticks, so why not hire someone to
create new assets and repurpose old ones so you’re never out of valuable content?

Consulting a.k.a. Strategy 
and Tactics
Sometimes it’s hard to see the woods from the trees when you’re in the thick of it, so
hiring a marketing consultant to bring a fresh perspective and advise on strategy
and tactics can be a huge help to drive you in the right direction.

Passive Income 
Do you have things you’re already doing (or could easily create) that could bring in
passive income through a low ticket offer? Outsource the creation and
implementation, and you could be up and running before you know it.

Persia Lawson
Love Coach
"Where do I even start with praising Woo With Words… well, in a nutshell, working with Woo With Words has completely transformed my business, we’ve up levelled everything! Completely transformed my brand identity, they’ve taken care of graphic design, page design, development, all the copywriting, all the techy bits that stresses me out, I don’t have to worry about any of it! 

The biggest thing is that I have room to breathe, I have room to show up now and do what I’m really good at instead of trying to wear all of these different hats. I think the best thing for me is that they get me and what I’m about and they’re able to take all of my ideas and really quite frankly just turn them into gold dust and communicate that value - that was the missing piece for me. It was like I knew that my work was really valuable but I really struggled to communicate that to my target market and so since we’ve started working with Woo With Words we’ve made more money than we’ve ever made before. What have we done? We’ve created a program, I literally had an idea and I spoke to Ness and they actioned it so quickly, literally from idea to implementation, it was so fast and we sold that programme out literally in a day. I’d made more money than I’d even bargained for because we had to open up new spaces. It’s the first time I’ve encountered the problem of like ‘OMG we don’t have capacity to fulfil how many people want this programme!’ and that is all down to Woo With Words and what they did in that launch. We also worked on a low investment offer and it was very fiddly, there’s a lot of different things that can go wrong and Woo With Words just took over all of that headache for me... I used to find launches so stressful, but working with Woo is the funnest thing in the world for me - I love launches, I can’t wait to do my next launch because I know that I’ve got that support from that team and that is such a game-changer for me, I can’t even tell you! They just handle all of it - the writing of the copy, the visuals, the emails, the social media... just all of it, everything! The tech… everything’s done for you and what’s amazing is that they can also teach how to create SOPS - Standard Operating Procedures - so can teach your team how to do the more administrative tasks, that’s really invaluable so you can be focusing with Woo on the exciting parts and then delegate the other bits in a really clear and simple way. 

I just feel like how my brand looks and is communicated now actually reflects who I am, what I’m about and the value I have to offer and that was always the thing that I struggled with before. We’ve actually had to increase rates because there’s too much demand and so it hasn’t felt scary like it used to, it’s just felt like a natural step. Honestly, working with Woo has been the best investment I have ever made in my business, it really really has been and I just love the process of working with them, just a joy, so much fun and yet super professional, super slick - everything gets done. I so look forward to our calls and I’ve just found that working with them my creativity has just gone crazy, it’s like better than ever, I just keep having new ideas, new ideas, new ideas and it just feels like there’s this amazing momentum. It’s magic, that’s what it is, it’s total magic and it’s a real pleasure, I’m so excited for the future and to see what other magic we’re going to create together. In a nutshell, I cannot praise Woo With Words enough, I really cannot communicate the value that they’ve bought to not just my business but my life. It’s been a tough year and working with Woo has definitely sprinkled a hell of a lot of magic onto this year and enabled me to show up as the leader I know I’m meant to be. You cannot do it on your own, you need to have a solid team supporting you behind you, besides you, and Woo With Words have given me more than I could have ever anticipated."

Alec Penney
Tech Expert
& Service Provider
"It sounds like a simple thing right, just write up what you want to show on your website pages and promote your business…WRONG! I knew how time consuming this would be for me but I didn’t know there was also an art to how writing copy for your web pages can turn a visitor into a client more effectively.  It felt like I already knew what I wanted to say on each page, but just couldn’t string the sentences together. Woo With Words were able to take both my business and my personality, combine them with science and write smooth, easy flowing on brand web pages. Ness checked in with me each time I had new copy typed up, to make certain the words and phrases used in the copy, were ones which I would use personally in my business. Anything I questioned or felt I wanted to change was easily worked around. I highly recommended Woo With Words for copywriting services!"
Bry Penney
Branding Photographer
& Educator
"I’ve worked with Woo With Words on a a few different things. Ness has coached me through messaging, marketing and ideation of products, and the team have also provided me with done-for-you copy writing on a monthly retainer. Before, my website copy and messaging in general were a bit of a mess! I was doing it all myself, but it was all feeling a little chaotic and a little like guess work when it came to knowing how two structure content, sales pages, emails... the list goes on. I guess I always kind of bootstrapped it but making the investment into consistent, intentional copy  that converts has been a game changer!"
We’re available to work on a price-by-project basis, but generally tend to work with clients on monthly retainers. This is the most flexible and affordable way to work with us!

Simple choose a package below based on how many hours of work you anticipate you'll need each month. Our retainers run for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12.

You can spend the hours retained on any of the marketing service we provide, whether that be copywriting, graphic design, page design and development, or anything listed above! Whatever your marketing needs are for the month... we've got you covered!
(Please note, VAT will be added to the above
if you are a UK based business.)
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Nikki Flook
"Vanessa wrote copy for my website, and a script for a promotional video, and I couldn't have been happier with the results. She worked really closely with me to make sure that she captured the heart and soul of my brand and definitely did - the pieces of work came out perfectly. It's really important to Vanessa that she uses marketing to communicate people's MESSAGE, and I have no doubt in my mind that there's anyone in the industry that can dive deep and extract that information from people quite like she does. 10/10 would recommend."
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